Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We take great pleasure in inviting you to participate in the forthcoming International Congress for Global Landlords/Property Owners Associations (ICGLPOA) as a participant. The event will be held at Kenyatta University Nairobi, Kenya from 25th to 26th June 2020.

This congress is organized by Kenya Property Investors Association the national non-governmental organization registered in Kenya for landlords/property owners’ mobilization, entrenchment and enhancement of social economic justice on property investments working closely with other landlords/property owners’ organizations from the neighbouring states such as Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan, all under the umbrella of the East African Community (EAC). This Congress is the first of its kind in Africa.

The overall theme of the congress is “Establishing a Global Partnership Network”. We look forward to inspiring global best practice in the coordination and forging of cooperation with the most experienced residence ownership welfare organizations globally. 


  • In three days the participants will gain the momentum they need to optimize their property operations and elevate their business, when after all more than 40 sessions reveal how to create efficiencies, build asset value, engage and retain occupants, incorporate new technologies and move your career forward.
  • The participants will be ready to open new vistas, expand business networks, meet partners, open markets and learn from people with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, you will learn about more effective programs to cultivate dynamic property ownership investment based on real life example of how others have succeeded and or failed in other places.
  • The aim is to empower and inform participants. They will emerge from the series with more confidence to take control of their investments and ultimately achieve their financial objectives and be able to align their personal and business financial planning possibly making new deals.
  • In addition, the participants shall witness the historical birth of the proposed Pan African Landlords/Property Owners Federation (PALPOF) whose mandate amongst others shall be to sustain the welfare and interests of all Landlords/property owners in Africa.
  • The participants will have an opportunity to exhibit their businesses, any property on sale and general merchandise from our exhibition centre tents build around the Kenyatta University Amphitheatre. For more information contact the ICGLPOA Secretariat, 0738355338 / 0721899900.
  • Accompanying spouses of congressists from other countries and continents are participating free of charge.

We are looking forward to host you,


Prof-Namwamba ku p
Prof. Tom Namwamba
Congress Coordinator